Make outlook default mail client mac os x

Add an email account to Outlook. A list of your accounts is in the left pane of the Accounts dialog box, and the default account is first in the list. On the Action pop-up menu , click Set as Default. If you have configured multiple POP accounts, messages will be sent from the account that is currently selected, or the default account.

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To change the account from which a message is sent, select an account on the From pop-up menu in the email message. If you have added only one account to Outlook, the From pop-up menu is not available. When you forward or reply to a message, Outlook uses the account to which the original message was sent. To change this preference, on the Outlook menu, click Preferences , and then under E-mail , click Composing. Select the account that you want to make the default account.

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Change the default browser or email client on your Mac

Send No thanks. The setting is there in the General tab! Great, right? There may be some other things you need to do after choosing the default email client in this setting. First, though, you will want to choose your default email client or reader in this preference panel.

How to Set the Default Email Client in MacOS Sierra & El Capitan

So, I chose Microsoft Outlook. I closed the pane and exited out of Apple Mail.

How to set Outlook as a default email client on Mac [Video Tutorial]

Then I tried to click on an email link and…it opened Apple Mail. Wait, what?!

How to Change Default Mail App Client in Mac OS X

I reopened Apple Mail and went back to the setting and it had defaulted back to Mail. So I tried it again, this time after rebooting my Mac.

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The same thing happened! I then set up an account within Apple Mail and did the same process of selecting the default email client. I exited Apple Mail and clicked on a link.

Guess what? It worked!

Change your default email app

So, here is the critical thing you must do to make this setting stick. You must set up an email account within Apple Mail. Nor have I tested removing the email account later to see if the setting sticks if someone tests this, please leave a comment! It would make sense to me to put the default email client selection right with the default browser selection within the System Preferences.

I guess there is a reason for everything. A few years ago, I wrote a How-To on browser selection if you had multiple instances of Chrome for example.