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The problem you have is that EasyCapViewer 0. This would be a good time for other developers to pitch in. I will spend some time investigating too but no guarantees.

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How do I fix this?

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Bryan A Bryan A 21 1 2. Yes, the download link is bentrask.

High performance, low latency driver for the EasyCap DC60.

According to the developer: You need to get the right mix that match your OS. Feb 25, , Just tried it but I think the old driver SK or something like that Is interfering. Any idea how to disable it so I can try the new one? This program just gave me a blank white screen and nothing else. I've found the easies way to sort out problems with easycap is to connect it up and then open amcap and play with the settings in there until you get what you want.

Then, close amcap and open up the program you want to use to record your flights. I think virtualdub is the best for recording. I love OSx. Just got to install it on my net book now.. Just got OS x The software runs just fine, a little tiny bit sluggish but for having a low latency recording portable display, I will not complain. I could probably upgrade my ram and tweak a few things to get it run ultra smooth.


I say it is about 2. It does slow down a little on the HP but on my older 2.

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Feb 26, , I have a macbook which i wish to fly fpv off - need live streaming. I thought the DC60 was not compatible with mac. Is there anything else to know about buying an easycap for macbook? Feb 27, , I just got the one from readymadeRC. I tried two different installs of XP one on a net book and the other on bootcamp They both gave me a staticy image of what the camera saw when the wire was connected.

Tried windows7 and had a solid black image. Downloaded that driver for OSX and it ran first try in a few seconds.

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  4. It runs pretty smooth on my 2. Another thing you may want to look into is Elgato video capture for mac. It runs excellent but it will not work with a netbook because of the screen resolution cutting off the play button. Originally Posted by hwat rc. Feb 28, , Thanks a lot alistair. I have seen a lot of thread about easycaps but this is the first one relating to macs. My macbook is only 2 months old so it should be fine.

    Your post has given me the confidence to pull the trigger on ebay. Thank you.

    Easycap DC60 DC60+ Ezcap 32bit 64bit Free Drivers XP Vista Win7 Mac

    Mar 08, , Any ideas anyone? Mar 22, , Last edited by hwat rc; Mar 22, at We're using macs to use our easycaps.