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Please wait for Apple to approve 3. Look for it on the Mac App Store. This caused some files not to extract correctly in older versions. Fixed a bug that made the app fail to launch on Terribly sorry that this took so long to get fixed, but Apple took over a week and a half to approve this bugfix. Fixed another sandbox bug that caused archives on remote volumes to fail to open.

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There is apparently a bug that causes this version to not work on If you are not running Mountain Lion, do not update! A fix will be available when Apple approves it. If you are having trouble, try downloading this version: Look for it on the App Store!

This means the program will need to nag the user more often, but should also mean that extraction should work better in non-standard locations. May also have introduced new bugs, so be careful and report any problems. More localizations are still needed! If you can, consider submitting one yourself!

There seems to be a bug that causes crashes when opening Zip files on If you are running Los archivos RAR con espacios en el nombre ahora se pueden abrir. Mejora el rendimiento de lanzamiento.

Como extraer archivos RAR en MAC con macOS SIERRA 2017

Enhanced iOS 9 de soporte 2. Compartir archivos a las notas 3. Buscar archivos en Spotlight 4. Archivo zip Faster abierta.

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Compatibilidad Requiere iOS 8. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.

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Precio Gratis. WinZip Pro: WinZip - Zip, unzip, protect. Duplicates Finder - Find, review and remove duplicates. Gboard - el Teclado de Google.

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