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This app was originally built for use on the popular Tech Show podcast so you'll find stock sounds that'll compliment your show too. And in your favorite intros, outros, sweepers, or radio spots for playback on your podcast or radio show.

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It can be customized in every possible way. It's the best cheep soundboard app you're going to get on a Mac, but it needs some changes: Right now it just pauses the clip then continues playing when you press the button twice. This can be helpful, but I'd love to be able to rapidly click and activate the sound in rapid succession.


Alos, allowing you to rename clips in the app would be great. I love using this against those pesky phone scammers, but it would be nice if there was more of a variety of sounds. Another suggestion would be to add a replay feature and the ability to move the boxes around so you can have the most relevent sounds at the top.

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I love the Bad Call sound effect, it confused quite a few of those scammers. I love the idea and the app, but would like to see a way to export some of the sounds, like downloading some of them to iMovie. If anyone has anyways or knows something special i can do to be able to this, please let me know! Also, if there is another app similar to this one with exportable sounds, please tell me!

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Thank you. Use master sync to match the tempo and beats of four songs for seamless mixing.

Built-in mappings for DJ controller hardware gives you hands-on control of Mixxx's features. Add your unique spin to tracks with sound effects.

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Get creative by chaining multiple effects together and twisting all their knobs. Use turntables with timecode vinyl records to control playback and scratch your digital music files as if they were pressed on vinyl.

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Mix music vinyls into your set by toggling vinyl passthrough mode. DJ Sound Effects!! Essential Sound Effects.

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Effects Pack. Album Notes Dj Fearless is the first dj who share for free, his sound effects.

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Download Effect virtual dj: It includes sound effects,. DJ ProMixer Free 2.

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Download these amazing audio sounds. Drum Samples. Free sound effects, dj samples, drum loops, vocals and others.